Eternal Life for 'Le Temps'

Here is my interview with the leading Swiss-French newspaper Le Temps on the modern quest for eternal life (in French).

On NPR TED hour

NPR's TED Radio Hour show on 'What We Fear' featuring me, Col. Chris Hadfield and David Blaine.

TED talk - 1,500,000+ views

My TEDxBratislava talk was TED's talk of the day on 12 December and has since been viewed over one and a half million times - here


Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How it Drives Civilization

      A New Scientist "best book of the year"

"An epic inquiry into the human desire to defy death – and how to overcome it." -- The Financial Times

"Fascinating." -- The Economist

"Immortality is a must-read exploration of what spurs human ingenuity... He presents an extremely compelling case - one that has changed my view of the driving force of civilisation as much as Jared Diamond did years ago with his brilliant book Guns, Germs and Steel." -- The New Scientist

Watch the trailer:




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