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WIRED writes that they know who to blame when robots kill. Me. 


Selected articles 2014/2013

Why we are dying for fame

Aeon Magazine, 19 December 2014
There are few fantasies so absurd as the idea of living on through fame. So why does immortality still beckon? An essay ... here

The Human Future

Financial Times, 12 December 2014
A books essay on what it means to live in the Anthropocene, the age of humanity ... here

Plato lives

Literary Review, December/January 2014/15
My review of Rebecca Newberger Goldstein's very good 'Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won't Go Away' is in the Literary Review ... here

Enlightenment for Atheists

Financial Times, 31 October 2014
My review of ‘Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion’, by Sam Harris ... here

The Pursuit of Happiness

Financial Times, 12 September 2014
A books essay reviewing the latest theories of happiness (and misery) ... here

The Party of Life and Death

Aeon Magazine, 25 July 2014
If death comes for everything, does it matter what we kill? An essay ... here

Are You an Illusion?

Financial Times, 21 March 2014
My review of grand old dame of philosophy Mary Midgley's new book on whether we exist ... here

What sets humanity apart

Financial Times, 8 February 2014
A books essay on what makes our species special ... here 

Great Expectancies

International Innovation, August 2013
Op-ed: The real ethical problem with radical life extension is not one that would arise if it came true - it is suggesting that it will ... here

Buying Your Way to Eternity

TIME, 5 June 2013
Why are you still at your desk? It's not why you think -- my article in TIME ... here

Frozen Dead Guys

Aeon Magazine, 8 May 2013
Is cryonics an ambulance into the future or the latest twist on our ancient fantasy of rebirth? A feature article ... here

Sorry, Dr Kurzweil

Wired UK, May 2013 issue
In the cover story, Ray Kurzweil explains how we'll soon all live forever. In my op-ed, I explain why we won't ... here

What Science Really Says About the Soul

Skeptic Magazine, 20 March 2013
Can we know whether consciousness can survive bodily death? An essay on the evidence of science ... here

Is the first person to live forever already among us?

The Sun, 15 March 2013
We are living longer and longer - but can we live forever? Op-ed ... here

Traditional Remedies

Financial Times, 4 January 2013
My review of Jared Diamond's latest book "The World Until Yesterday" ... here

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