Intelligence in the Telegraph

My interview on the intelligence revolution for the Telegraph here.

We've launched!

With Stephen Hawking and Maggie Boden. Coverage in media across the world, e.g. here.


WIRED writes that they know who to blame when robots kill. Me. 


Selected articles 2015/2016

How to Stop the Robot Takeover

The Telegraph, 30 September 2016

A short op ed with five recommendations for keeping AI under control ... here

Back to the Future

Times Literary Supplement, 28 September 2016

My review of Yuval Hoah Harari's 'Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow' ... here

Free Will Exists and Is Measurable

The Atlantic 'Notes', 10 June 2016
A reply to the many comments on my feature on free will for the Atlantic June edition (below) ... here

Freedom: A Necessary Illusion?

The Atlantic, June 2016
Feature on what happens if we stop believing in free will ... here

This Is Life at 400

Nautilus, 26 May 2016
Essay on what happens when we all live a lot longer ... here

No Planet B

New Scientist, 1 April 2016
Why it's a fantasy to think we can abandon Earth - op-ed with Huw Price and Lucianne Walkowicz ... here

The Path

Financial Times, 1 April 2016
Review of ‘The Path: A New Way to Think About Everything’, by Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh ... here

Green Rituals

Aeon Magazine, 15 March 2016
Essay with Sarah Darwin on how rituals could help us be greener ... here

Being a Beast

Financial Times, 29 January 2016
My review of Charles Foster's brilliant 'Being a Beast' ... here

Predicting the Future

Financial Times, 8 January 2016
Books essay on predictions, visions and fantasies about the future ... here

Radical Democracy

Aeon Magazine, 19 November 2015
Short opinion piece on the need for a radically participatory democracy ... here

FQ: or, How to be Free

Aeon Magazine, 19 October 2015
Essay introducing FQ, the Freedom Quotient... here

The long goodbye: confronting death

Financial Times, 3 July 2015
Books essay on why we oughtn't avert our eyes from the inevitable ... here

The Great Mortality Paradox

Slate, 15 June 2015
On why we believe in the afterlife ... here

No Choice in the Matter

Literary Review, June 2015
A review essay on why the free will debate is alive and important ... here 

How to be good

Financial Times, 8 May 2015
A books essay on the existence of altruism ... here

Are we moral?

Aeon Magazine, 24 March 2015
An essay on what our great-grandchildren will condemn us for, with Stefan Klein ... here

Rise of the Robots

Financial Times, 20 March 2015
An essay on the rise of artificial intelligence and why we should be worried ... here

Of bears, marionettes and freedom

Literary Review, March 2015
Review of John Gray's 'The Soul of the Marionette: A Short Inquiry into Human Freedom' ... here

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