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WIRED writes that they know who to blame when robots kill. Me. 


Selected articles 2012/2011

Who Killed Knut?

Aeon Magazine, 13 November 2012
How the life and death of a polar bear in Berlin reveal the paradoxes in our perception of nature - a feature ... Read original article

Why we should be grateful for Death

New Scientist, 17 October 2012
Congratulations – as a human, you know you're going to die. That's why you've learned some impressive cultural and psychological techniques to cope... Read original article

Animal spirits

Financial Times, 29 September 2012
Zoos offer sanctuary to threatened species and inspiration to their human visitors – but at what cost? A books essay ... Read original article

Remember Herostratus

Aeon Magazine, 17 September 2012
Anders Breivik shows we need a new verdict for crimes of vainglory ... Read original article in English  ... also in Norwegian via Morgenbladet here

Vladimir Putin, the benevolent zookeeper

The Guardian, Friday 7 September 2012
Will Russians continue with this pantomime of power, or resist, like the Siberian cranes who refused to be led to freedom? With Polina Aronson ... Read original article

Planet of the Apes

Financial Times, Saturday 18 August 2012
What we really know about our evolutionary past – and what we don’t, a books essay... Read original article

Refined Dining

Financial Times, Saturday 16 June 2012
Shaped in an age of scarcity, our appetite for sugar, fat and salt now torments us. But there is hope - a books essay ... Read original article

Avatar Immortality

Wired Magazine (UK), April 2012
If anything deserves to be called the Holy Grail of technology, then this is it: a system that, like the original Grail, would grant the power to bring back the dead ... Read original article

Review of Jonah Lerher's Imagine

Financial Times, Friday 13 April 2012
A scientific view of the creative process shows that inspiration isn’t all that counts ... Read original article

The True Meaning of Easter: The Denial of Death

The Guardian, Sunday 8 April 2012
Both Easter and spring rites remind us how life triumphs over death ... Read original article

Why flatworms won’t make us immortal

Prospect Magazine, Friday 2 March 2012
It is currently being widely reported that flatworms hold the key to immortality. They don't. And here's why ... Read original article 

Stayin' Alive

The New Humanist, March 2012
Why humans have invented an endless series of strategies to try to outwit the Reaper ... Read original article


Being human

Financial Times, Friday 24 June
What makes us us? Are we our genes or our neurones? What can we learn from our attempts to create computer intelligence about what makes us human?  ... Read original article 

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