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With Stephen Hawking and Maggie Boden. Coverage in media across the world, e.g. here.


WIRED writes that they know who to blame when robots kill. Me. 



10 July - BBC Blue Room: AI & Society

Keynote at BBC Blue Room event 6pm to 9pm, Radio Theatre, BBC Broadcasting House.

8 June - UN ITU AI for Global Good Summit, Geneva

Speaking on Privacy, Security, Ethics and Societal Challenges (Plenary 4) at 9am 8 June (Day 2 of the Summit).

1 June - Brain Bar Budapest 'Debating Futures'

Speaking on 'Will artificial intelligence replace humans?' at 'Brain Bar Budapest', Europe's biggest festival of the future. More here.

4 May - University of Bath, UK

Speaking on 'The Terror of Death and the Rise of Technology. Thursday 4 May 2017, 2.15 – 5.00 pm, University of Bath, UK, 3 East 2.4. Centre for Death and Society.

9 February - Telegraph Digital Leaders Horizons, London

Keynote speech on 'The Intelligent Future' at the Telegraph Digital Leaders Horizons event on AI. From 5pm, 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London. More here.

4 February - AIBE Summit

Keynote speech at the AIBE ('artificial intelligence in business & entrepreneurship') summit, 9.30am, the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK. More here.


24 November - TEDxCambridgeUniversitySalon

Giving opening address at TEDxCambridgeUniversitySalon on: Artificial Intelligence - Wonderful or Terrifying? 6.30 to 8.30pm, Revolution Cambridge, 3-8 Downing Street, Cambridge. More here.

22 November - Rustat Conference, Jesus College Cambridge

Speaking at the 'Future of Work' Rustat Conference, Jesus College Cambridge, UK.

21 November - Houses of Parliament, UK

Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI. 17:30, Palace of Westminster, London.

6 September - in conversation with Yuval Noah Harari, Cambridge

Bestselling author of Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari, presents his new book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. I'm chairing. (6:30 pm-7:30 pm, Cambridge Union). More here.

26 August - DareFest, Antwerp

Talking about the Future of Good and Evil at Dare Festival 2016 in the lovely city of Antwerp. More here.

12 February - Darwin Day, Natural History Museum, Berlin

Speaking at the Darwin Day Debate at the Berlin Natural History Museum (Invalidenstraße 43) on the Meaning of Life and Death in the Light of Evolution. In German/auf Deutsch. From 19:30. More here.

8 February - University of the Arts, Berlin

Seminar with Stefan Klein on animal consciousness at Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste). In German/auf Deutsch.

8 January - Falmouth University, UK

Visiting Lecturer for the Moth Research Project at the School of Communication Design, Falmouth University.


26 September - University of Cambridge Alumni Weekend, UK

Lecture on 'Four Ways to Live Forever' at the Cambridge Alumni Festival - Hughes Hall Pavilion Room (more here)

20 September - Berlin Sunday Assembly, Germany

Talking on 'what our great-grandchildren will condemn us for' at the first anniversary of the Berlin Sunday Assembly

12 February - University of California (Riverside), CA, USA

Public lecture on immortality at the University of California, Riverside. More here.


1 October - Idea Festival, KY, USA

On Immortality at the Idea Festival, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. In the Kentucky Center, between September 30 and October 3 2014. More on the festival here.

28 Sept - Berlin Sunday Assembly

I'll be talking at Berlin's first ever Sunday Assembly. Midday, at the Orangelab, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 2, 10587 Berlin. More here.

23 June - RSA, London, UK

'Let’s Talk About Death' event at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street, London) 18.00–19.15, with Will Self. An edited video of the discussion can be watched here.


5 October - The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival, UK

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on the theme 'The Guide to Heaven and Hell: The Nature of Immortality'. More here.

5 July - TEDx Bratislava, Slovakia

Speaking at TEDx Bratislava in the Slovak National Theatre. Full day event 5 July, 2013. Online here

14 June - Engelsberg Seminar, Sweden

Speaking at the 2013 Engelsberg Seminar (13-15 June) on the seminar's theme of "Civilisation". Avesta Manor, near Stockholm, Sweden.  

14 May - PINC.14, Netherlands

Speaking at PINC.14 (People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity) conference, Tuesday 14 May, 2013 in Zeist, the Netherlands. More here

17 March - Sunday Sermon, School of Life, London, UK

11.30: School of Life, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London. Sunday Sermon: On Immortality. You can watch the sermon here

15 March - Cambridge Science Festival, UK

19.00 - 20.30: The science and science fiction of immortality - debate with Aubrey de Grey and Guy brown. University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry, Sanger Building, Tennis Court Road, Cambridge, UK. More here.

14 March - University of Warwick PPE Society

18.30 - 20.00: The Quest To Live Forever - talk and discussion with Warwick University PPE Society. UTC, Warwick Uni Campus, UK. More here.

13 March - London Philosophy Club, UK

19.00 - 21.00: Would you want to live forever? Join us on Wednesday, March 13th, in Marylebone Gardens to learn and cheerfully debate about immortality. 35 Marylebone High street, London, W1U 4QA. More here.


13 December - Urania, Berlin

17.30 in the Urania, Berlin: Unsterblichkeit und die Wissenschaften (Immortality and Science). Discussion with Dr. Ingolf Ebel. (Auf Deutsch / in German.) More here

14 November - Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

19.00: Wahrheit und Unsterblichkeit – Das Versprechen der Wissenschaft (Truth and Immortality - The Promise of Science). Talk with the biologist and author Bernhard Kegel. More here. (Auf Deutsch / in German.)

29 October - Nerd Nite, Berlin

20.00 at Nerd Nite Berlin, FC Magnet Mitte, Veteranenstraße 26, Berlin-Mitte. Halloween Special: How to Live Forever. Talk in English. More here.

29 October - Urania, Berlin

15.30 in the Urania, Berlin: Unsterblichkeit in den Religionen (Immortality and Religion). Discussion with Dr. Ingolf Ebel. (Auf Deutsch / in German.) More here.

23 October: Soho House, Berlin

19.30 in Soho House Berlin. Who Wants to Live Forever? Talk (in English) followed by anti-ageing dinner.

2 June - HowTheLightGetsIn at Hay Festival, UK

11.00, HowTheLightGetsIn, Philosophy and Music Festival at Hay, UK. Four Ways to Live Forever -- we are all following one of four paths that promise we can evade death. Find out which one you are on and where it will take you. More here

31 May - Conway Hall, London, UK

19.00, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. Four Ways to Live Forever? In discussion with biologist Prof. Lewis Wolpert and writer Catherine Mayer; chaired by Caspar Melville, editor of New Humanist. More here

30 May - London School of Economics, London, UK

18.30-20.00, Old Theatre, LSE. On Immortality: The will to live forever is central to the human story. Can it be fulfilled? And should we want it to be? In dialogue with Professor John Gray. More here.

29 May - Festival of Ideas, Bristol, UK

18.00-19.00, Foyles, Cabot Circus, Bristol. In discussion with author Julian Baggini and philosopher Havi Carel. More here

10 May - EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

16:00, Large Operon, EMBL. Forum Lecture - Deadly Elixir: Science and the Promise of Immortality. More here

9 May - DAI, Heidelberg, Germany

20.00, The German-American Institute (DAI), Heidelberg. The Quest for Immortality and How it Drives Civilization. More here

21 March - Urania, Berlin

19.30 in the Urania, Berlin: Launch of the German edition of Immortality (talk and discussion in German). More here.

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