Intelligence in the Telegraph

My interview on the intelligence revolution for the Telegraph here.

We've launched!

With Stephen Hawking and Maggie Boden. Coverage in media across the world, e.g. here.


WIRED writes that they know who to blame when robots kill. Me. 



Intelligence in the Telegraph

My interview on the intelligence revolution for the Telegraph here.

We've launched!

With Stephen Hawking and Maggie Boden. Coverage in media across the world, e.g. here.


WIRED writes that they know who to blame when robots kill. Me. 

CFI online

Our exciting new centre has an exciting new website (

Future of Intelligence

From 1 July, I'm very pleased to say that I will be Executive Director of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge.

Forever in German

I had the pleasure of being Fulvio Bernasconi's guide in his documentary on the pursuit of immortality, now showing in German on 3Sat.

Living Forever in Canada

I feature in this lovely film about the modern pursuit of everlasting youth by CBC (trailer also here).


Wonderful project, now book (in German): Wissensdinge, based on collection of the Berlin Natural History Museum. I contributed an essay on Time. More here.

Now in Korean

'Immortality' is also now available in Korean, eg here.

Life Matters in Ireland

I had the pleasure of appearing on RTE Radio 1's show Life Matters on the subject of life and death (here).

Immortal in Italy

Swiss-Italian TV has made a lovely documentary about immortality, involving me (and two of my children) - in Italian here.

Death in Canada

Fascinating show about attitudes to death on CBC radio's IDEAS (featuring a bit of me) here.

TED talk song

Someone has made my TED talk into a song (here)! Now the major motion picture is inevitable. 


'Immortality' is now also available in Slovakian - more here.

The Immortality of the Crab the name of a clever BBC Radio 4 programme, in which I had the pleasure of appearing. It can be heard here. A bonus segment of me telling some tall tales can be heard here

Radically longer lives

...was the topic of a one hour special on WNPR radio with me, Aubrey de Grey and others. Online here.

Living Forever in Salt Lake City

I spent a stimulating hour talking about the quest for immortality with KUER's RadioWest in Utah - it can be heard again here.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

I'm very honoured to have been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Eternal Life for 'Le Temps'

Here is my interview with the leading Swiss-French newspaper Le Temps on the modern quest for eternal life (in French).

On NPR TED hour

NPR's TED Radio Hour show on 'What We Fear' featuring me, Col. Chris Hadfield and David Blaine.

TED talk - 1,500,000+ views

My TEDxBratislava talk was TED's talk of the day on 12 December and has since been viewed over one and a half million times - here

Immortality and animality on DW TV

It was great fun recording this 45 minute interview and profile for DW TV (in English). 

To The Best Of Our Knowledge

My interview with US public radio show TTBOOK, part of their 'Alternative Endings' show - here.

TEDx talk of the day

My TEDx talk was 'TEDx talk of the day' on Sept 4 and a pick of the week - and can be seen here

Anti-Death Behavior

An interview with me in Guernica magazine about running from or to the Reaper - here.

Forever in Manila

Lovely, thoughtful review of Immortality in the Manila Times - here.

Brainpickings Interview

This is an interview I did for Brainpickings. I look like death warmed up, which rather fits the subject matter.

Immortality Essay Prize

It's like being back at school - I've won an essay prize! From UCRiverside for my New Scientist piece on mortality, more here

Immortality Brainpicked

The mighty Maria Popova of Brainpickings engages with my Mortality Paradox here.

What does Science say about the Soul?

You can find out in my feature for Skeptic here, or my interview for iScience here.

Pickling the revolution

I've been on BBC World Service and US public radio talking about why socialist leaders have a penchant for being pickled post-mortem, eg here.

Paperback edition in UK

The paperback edition of Immortality is now available in the UK, eg here or here.

Daily Beast "favourite book of 2012"

Immortality is one of the Daily Beast's favourite books of the year: "a fascinating history of man’s greatest obsession" - here (p.4).

Estonian Immortality

500 years after the first ever translation of a work into Estonian, I'm proud to say Immortality will be joining this select group.

On Deutsche Welle TV

On 1 Jan, I was on DW TV's Agenda talking about New Year's resolutions, mortality and eternity (here). Happy New Year to all!

Reviewed in Deutschlandradio Kultur

... for a second time. Here for German speakers. 

Interview in Die Zeit

The "Christ & Welt" supplement of German weekly Die Zeit have an interview with me in time for Christmas. (Not online, but overview can be seen here, in German).

Review in "Cryonics"

I'm not very up-beat about cryonics in my book, but the cryonics movement magazine nonetheless generously reviews Immortality in their latest edition, here.

Immortality reaches Colombia

For Spanish speakers: my interview with Semana magazine in Colombia here.

Will jellyfish make us immortal?

I argue not - with Aubrey de Grey and others on HuffPost Live, here.

Immortality one of best books of year

Immortality has been chosen as one of the "10 best popular science books of 2012" by the New Scientist - and a copy can be won here.

reviewed in the Weekly Standard

Immortality nicely reviewed in The Weekly Standard (Dec 3 2012). "Cave fashions a plausible and compelling view of a life that does not recoil in horror at the thought of mortality" - online here

Immortality in The Humanist

Immortality is given a fine review in the November/December 2012 edition of The Humanist magazine - online here

Immortality in Die Welt

Immortality generously reviewed in Die Welt - "Cave dissects humanity’s ‘immortality narratives’ with humour and cool-headed expertise." (Here in German). 

Interview with Interfaith Voices (US public radio)

My interview with the excellent Maureen Fiedler can be heard around the US from 22 June on 60 NPR stations or online here

reviewed in Barnes & Noble Review

A very fine piece on Immortality by the novelist Paul Di Filippo here

What's Greek for immortality?

You can find out, if you can read the Greek alphabet, by reading this interview with me in the Sunday magazine of Greek's leading newspaper To Vima - online here.

Four Ways to Live Forever. In Hay.

On Saturday, 2 June, I spoke at the excellent HowTheLightGetsIn festival in Hay. You can see my talk here

Big in Bulgaria

Bulgarian speakers can read my interview with leading news station Darik here.

Talking immortality in N. Ireland

On Sunday, 3 June, I talked about immortality on BBC Radio Ulster. It can be heard here for one week only, from 1:17 to 1:22.

Unbelievable? Our chances of eternity

On Saturday, 2 June, I debated our eternal prospects with Rev. Roger Harper on the atheist vs believer radio show "Unbelievable". You can hear it here

On Immortality at the LSE

On Wednesday, 30 May, I debated immortality with the excellent Prof. John Gray at the LSE in London. You can hear it here.

Talking immortality in Ireland

I spoke about immortality with Ireland's national Newstalk radio. It can be heard here by selecting the Moncrieff show, Friday 4th May, part 3, after the news.

Digital immortality in The Independent

The Independent interviewed me for their story on the technological route to eternity - more here

Immortality reviewed in The Economist

"Fascinating" says the 28 April edition of The Economist - more here.

Immortality reviewed in the New Scientist

"A must-read exploration of what spurs human ingenuity" - more here.

Immortality reviewed in Süddeutsche Zeitung

Immortality (bzw. "Unsterblich") wurde in der Süddeutsche Zeitung am 21. April rezensiert (leider online nur hinter einem Paywall). "Es ist ein Rundgang von verführerischer Farbenpracht, zu dem Cave von Echnaton über Dante bis Borges kenntnisreich, süffig und mit vielen erzählerischen Elementen anleitet."

Immortality on BBC Radio 3

On 23 April, I talked about immortality on BBC Radio 3's Night Wave programme with Aubrey de Grey and Elaine Storkey (from 12.21 mins onwards here).

The Five Best Books on Immortality

An interview with The Browser, here

Resurrection on BBC Radio 4

Early risers in the UK might have heard me discussing immortality on Radio 4 on Easter Sunday morning. Others can listen again here (from 0:31:10).

Immortality reviewed by the Financial Times

"An epic inquiry into the human desire to defy death" - more here.

IMMORTALITY launches in the US and Canada

Available from all good booksellers - and hopefully the others too!

Immortality in Scientific American

Arch-sceptic Michael Shermer dedicates his monthly column in the April 2012 edition of Scientific American to discussion of Immortality - here

Immortality in Deutschlandradio Kultur

Eine sehr schöne Kritik (mit Interview) von Unsterblich im Deutschlandradio Kultur (gesendet am Samstag, den 24. März) - hier zum Nachlesen oder -hören.
(A review of Immortality in German radio).

UNSTERBLICH erscheint! - 'Immortality' now available in German

Die deutsche Übersetzung von Immortality ist jetzt erhältlich! z.B. hier. (The German translation of Immortality is now available. Original English edition coming in April.)

Interesting book reviewing

Forbes has kindly described me as "one of the most interesting book reviewers of 2011" here.

Buchpremiere / German book launch!

Die deutsche Vorstellung von Unsterblich findet am Mittwoch, den 21. März um 19.30 Uhr in der Urania, Berlin statt. Mehr Info hier.
The German edition of Immortality will be launched on Wednesday, 21 March at 19.30 in the Urania, Berlin. More information here.

Four Ways to Stay Alive

The strategies humans have invented to outwit the Reaper - feature in the March/April edition of The New Humanist magazine. (Here).

Filling the God gap

Religion may have lost much of its power to explain our modern world but we still crave its emotional satisfactions - books essay in the Financial Times (19 Jan 2012)


Unsterblich: Die Sehnsucht nach dem ewigen Leben als Triebkraft unsere Zivilisation - die deutsche Fassung meines Buches kann ab jetzt bestellt werden! Hier.

Deadly Elixir - Talk in Heidelberg

At 16:00 on Thursday, 10 May 2012, Stephen will be giving a talk on the theme ‘Deadly Elixir: Science and the Promise of Immortality’ in Heidelberg. The talk is part of the Science and Society series run by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. Read more here.

Interview in Discovery Channel Magazine

The November edition of Discovery Channel Magazine has an interview with me on the 'longevity funk' as part of a nice piece on immortality (alas not available online).

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